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Gleichdick Grinder

Grinders help you to prepare your herbs in an enjoyable way. But not all grinders are the same And there are consequently qualitative differences in the respective preparation. The high-quality Gleichdick grinders ensure that you can remove your herbs from the herb mill fluffily after use. Even moist herbs are no problem for Gleichdick grinders!

Already eight years ago, founder Tobias Ganster made his first experiences with the production of grinders. In 2015, the prototypes of today's 2-piece Gleichdick grinder followed. Since then, the Gleichdick brand has grown continuously. The team behind the brand consists of the founder himself, an employee in production and friends and relatives who volunteer to help wherever they can.

Gleichdick grinders are based on the three cornerstones of function, design and quality. The function of the herb grinder was the focus at the beginning. After all, it is important that a grinder has a well-functioning cutting mechanism. Here, there is also a significant difference to other herb grinders. The cutting mechanism of a Gleichdick grinder actually has a cutting function and not a grinding or tearing function. This is why Gleichdick grinders also grind moist herbs without any problems. With other grinders, on the other hand, smearing and sticking instead of grinding often occurs in such cases. The cutting function also ensures a fluffy result, which you will experience and enjoy.

Production of the Gleichdick Grinder

Gleichdick herb mills are made in Austria. The entire value chain takes place in Austria or, as far as possible, regionally. The purchased raw material is manufactured step by step in the company's own production facility to the highest quality standards. In the case of suppliers of flyers, tools, packaging, etc., care is taken to ensure that the added value is generated in Europe.

The philosophy of Gleichdick

The company's goal is to contribute to making the whole topic of enjoying the green herb more socially acceptable by introducing high-quality and stylish smoking accessories. The aim is to show the general public that friends of the green herb have standards.

Furthermore, it is the company's concern that the first-class produced products should serve as a support for optimal enjoyment. All in all, Gleichdick stands for responsible enjoyment and the highest quality!

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